Our BikeShop Team

Taye McGee

Roshni (Taye) McGee, The Richmond Native that is the Co-Founder / Co-Owner of Rich City Rides Bike/Skate Cooperative Shop. The children in the community are always on Taye’s mind. He cares deeply for them, and around Rich City Rides he is known as the neighborhood father. Taye’s nature is to take all the kids under his wing and leave them with a lesson.

Taye is Certified to Repair, Alter, Replace, Custom, Give Diagnoses, etc...... There's not a problem with your bike that he can't fix.

Bestia@RichCityRides.org / 510-455-8558

Najari Smith

Najari Smith, Business partner, Co-founder and Co-owner of Rich City Rides Cooperative Bike/Skate Shop, was born in Brooklyn, NY and moved to the City of Richmond in 2010. Ever since then he has been a committed member of the Richmond Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee and served as its chair from 2016 to 2017. Getting involved with biking, encouraging others to get involved with biking, and working with the city to improve bike infrastructure are important to him.

 Najari@RichCityRides.org / 510-255-0625

Brian Barns (Aka. Backwards Brian)

Native to California's "Bay Area," Brian Barnes Aka. (Backwards Brian) is

RichCity Rides Bike/ Skate Cooperative Shop's Store,

Sales Floor Manager.

Professional Bicyclist

3 years Sponsored RichCity Rides Athlete

Contact: info@RcRBs.com (Subject: Attn Brian)

Brian has been riding his bike backwards since 2018. A former neighbor or his introduced the trick to him, and after three days of practice he pretty much mastered it. In 2019 Brian has learned how to wheelie backwards and even stand up on his bike backwards as well.