New 2023 RichCity Rides Bike/Skate Cooperative -"LOVE" hoodie - Sustainable Clothing Collection

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Explore the beauty of sustainability in the 2023 RichCity Rides Bike/Skate LOVE Hoodie. Show your passion for the planet & the thriving cooperative culture--all within the fabric of this stylish twist on the classic hoodie. Make a bold statement--will you choose "LOVE?"

Limited Edition RichCity Hoodies Made From 100% Cotton.

Designed and produce locally in our great Richmond, Ca Aka ("RichCity")

Warm, Soft Fabric and very durable.

Dont miss out on this Limited Collection 

(All hoodies chosen with rear graphic add-on, will come the same color as the listed in your selected color make sure you choose the right color and sizing!"

!!!Make Sure!!!

.....That your SIZE IS CORRECT.

These Items, Like everything else of the website can not be returned or exchanged.

Chest circumference (A) in inches